Books By Clifton Lambreth

Ford and The American Dream

The rise and fall of the Ford Motor Company is a representation of the American Dream eroding daily. Twenty year Ford veteran Clifton Lambreth, through a powerfully captivating fictional tale, details the decisions and events that have brought the Ford Motor Company to the brink of potential bankruptcy.  Lambreth gives a bird’s eye view of what has transpired during his tenure with an unfiltered frankness and transparency aimed to provide a way for the company to begin making right turns for its future direction.

The Ad Man

The Ad Man is a story of an individual who has experienced setbacks and failure but persists until he succeeds. Every lesson he learns about success comes from his clients. Follow along with Jim as he visits different automobile dealers across the country to discover skills and philosophies that have made them leaders in their communities and their industry.  Follow the main character as he travels from defeat to success and then to significance. The lessons outlined in the story will help anyone wishing to succeed in life or business.

Return To Greatness

This book is much more than an inspiring turn-around story at Ford Motor Company. It’s a timely warning about the present state of our great nation and the American Dream. Return to Greatness guides you on a compelling journey where you begin to realize the painful truth about the turmoil and uncertainty we face today as Americans.  Is America in the midst of a permanent decline, or will we remember the noble and fundamental principles of our founders that have stood the test of time, making America truly exceptional?